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Another dose of randomness in my life, and in this installment a talk about work, birthdays, hand cannons, California and banging my old boss, well sorta, I’ll explain that. Hasn’t been too bad this past week up til now.

Most people tend to request their birthday off from work so they can go out and do stuff whatever. I really didn’t care but was glad that my Glock 20 and Desert Eagle showed up that same week. Didn’t do much anyway aside from a family BBQ.

Here’s a pic of my two new handguns. I find it funny that in terms of devastating ballistic power, the smaller Glock outperforms my larger Desert Eagle. Then again if it were 50 AE instead of .357 it would be a different story.

On a work related note, the raise I was approved for from my boss got approved but needed approval from the district boss. That finally came through so yes to more money but I need to pay off some bills…don’t we all.

So recently I did a post about a dumbass Democratic Senator from California that is trying to remove bullet buttons in favor of fixed magazines in all assault rifles.

I try not to make this blog political but because it is a gun blog it already points out the stance I take in terms of the 2nd Amendment. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that politicians like Sen. Yee try to enforce laws to “help” people. In reality he’s taking away law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend themselves, their family and property.

California is a beautiful state; great sunshine, awesome beaches, word-class eating, but it’s the most absurd state in union as far as I’ve seen when it comes to this socialist idea of making things fair. Example…you have San Francisco that tried to ban the Happy Meal. Then you have that other law that tried to ban the sale of pets. I mean c’mon? Seriously.

I think it’s unfair for other states to turn their backs on California. They have to help in the fight against crazy liberal anti-gunners, but the problem is numbers. Even though the number of gun owners is rising in the U.S and opposition to California’s crazy gun laws grows daily, politicians still control the state. It’s discouraging to see the same crazies getting back into office over and over to continue their destruction of the U.S Constitution.

So what does this have to do with banging my old boss? Well I didn’t bang my old boss cause she moved to California. In my last Daily Randomness post I mentioned she was getting a divorce and over Facebook she asked if I wanted to move and be roommates. My old boss wasn’t much older than I am, we’reĀ  actually the same age. Should I have moved in with my former boss? I wanted to, but a lot of things got in the way. It wasn’t all about the the anti-gun environment. It was college, finding a job, costs, family, etc.

Posted a pic in the other Daily Randomness of a girl that looked like my old boss. Same girl, same look as my boss…I remember one shift she asked if I could help organize the back room with her. I was already done with my shift but couldn’t say no, and stayed back another 4 hours. A very odd summer crush. Almost like she’s telling me “You’re moving to California now…” If I did, then yes, I would be banging my boss every chance I got.


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