SPAS-12 Hook

Quite a few of you asked what the hook is for in the previous post regarding the SPAS-12.

The hook on the SPAS-12 is for one-handed shooting. It rotates left or right by pushing down on the spring tension. The idea was that a user could hold onto the pistol grip, with their forearm being supported by the hook.

They could then fire it one-handed around a corner or over a barricade.

While it sounds kind of practical, it isn’t. The SPAS-12 as mentioned is a heavy shotgun; more front heavy due to the heatshield. While it can be done, it’s not something you care to do often.

Here is an example of a SPAS-12 owner using the hook (though hard to see) to fire one-handed. Note how the shotgun is pointing slightly downward. Even for a fairly large individual, balancing the SPAS-12 one-handed isn’t easy.

On a side note, it also can be used as a carry handle.


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  1. cruisingwithgunhead said: Pretty sure Franchi said in their literature that the hook was for emergency one-handed use. Would have made the ending scene of Terminator 2 a lot shorter.
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    I read that the hook was designed so that the SPAS-12 could be fired one-handed out of car windows There was a lovely...
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